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Unfortunately, hearing loss is irreversible. But it can be
prevented with the right tools. And if you have some
hearing loss now, you can prevent it getting worse.

Do you care about your future hearing? Then the time for protection is now!
We’ve selected three outstanding solutions for your hearing safety:
AXIL XP Reactor

For music lovers: Safeguard your hearing and enjoy the sound.

AXIL Trackr Blu

Powerful protection for anyone exposed to severe noise.

AXIL GS Extreme 2.0

Ideal for shooters, electronic earbuds give split-second protection.

Find the Protection You Need

Not everyone has the same risk, or needs the same protection. Let us help you select the solution best suited to your lifestyle and hearing risks.

Shooting & Hunting




Read on to find what’s right for you.

With your hearing, you can protect what you have.

Dr. Cory Cook, Earlux Co-founder/President

How Hearing
Loss Happens

Deep inside your ear are tiny hairs — called stereocilia. They vibrate in response to incoming sound waves and send signals to your brain.

When your ears are exposed to very loud noise, these tiny hairs can be damaged, and you lose your ability to distinguish some sounds.

The purpose of hearing protection is to prevent damage to the stereocilia inside your ear that hearing depends on.

Different Sounds, Different Protection

Protection means reducing the force of the sound waves hitting your ear. But the kinds and volume of sound you may be exposed to can vary tremendously.

That’s why Earlux offers different kinds of hearing protection to match your specific needs.

Here are sounds that commonly cause hearing loss:

If you’re regularly exposed to any of these, you should consider hearing protection.

Shooting: A Special Case

Shooting is the most common cause of hearing loss in America. A single gunshot is so loud, it can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

Shooting happens in different circumstances: for example, an indoor range, an outdoor range, or hunting. The risk to our hearing is greatest in an indoor range, and with higher-caliber weapons.

The ideal protection for shooting enthusiasts is a combination of ear muffs and solid ear plugs, so you have backup. Remember, a single shot can cause irreversible damage.

If you’re a hunter, you want to hear softer sounds while protecting your ears from gunshots. For you, responsive protection, called active or electronic hearing muffs, may be the best solution.

Ideally, these should be combined with in-the-ear electronic earbuds.

A Note About Foam Plugs

The simplest and cheapest hearing protection you can get is the foam earplugs you can buy in a store.

These give quite effective protection IF they are fully inserted. Often they’re not, and sound gets through the gaps.

Possible uses for foam ear plugs:

  • Flying as a passenger
  • Outdoor concerts (not too close to the loudspeakers)
  • Mowing the lawn

Solid Ear Plugs

Solid ear plugs offer a similar level of protection as foam plugs, but they prevent the gaps that come from improper insertion, and that’s a huge difference.

Solid plugs fit snugly because they are custom-made for your ear canal. For that reason, they must be purchased from a licensed hearing care professional.

Common uses for solid ear plugs:

  • Riding a motorbike
  • Shooting (in combination with ear muffs)

Passive Ear Muffs

Passive ear muffs look like headphones. They cover the ears to prevent excess sound causing damage. They must fit correctly to prevent gaps where sound can sneak through.

Passive ear muffs reduce ALL the sound reaching your ears, including speech. They are useful if you don’t need to converse with people:

Common uses for solid ear plugs:

  • Operating machinery
  • Shooting (combined with ear plugs)

Active Ear Muffs

Active ear muffs are the most sophisticated form of hearing protection. They include electronic technology to mute loud sounds like gunfire but not softer sounds. That makes conversation possible.

This solution is often right for:

  • Hunters
  • Shooting instructors and their students (who need to hear speech)
Shop for Active Ear Muffs

Concert Earplugs

Normal earplugs tend to reduce higher frequencies more than lower frequencies. For listening to music that’s a problem because it makes the music uneven. Concert earplugs are designed to reduce all pitches equally.

Concert earplugs are recommended for:

  • Regular concert goers
  • DJs
  • Musicians

We’ve found the best concert earplugs for your protection and enjoyment. Take a look here:

Shop for Music Earplugs

Get Help and Advice

If you’re thinking about hearing protection, it’s very likely you’ve already experienced some hearing loss.

The first step to checking this is to answer our “7 Simple Questions”. Then we can begin assessing what needs you may have, and which solutions will suit you best.

Whether your concern is hearing protection or hearing loss, get expert advice! Click below to schedule a free consultation. Our hearing professionals would love to help you.

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