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XP Reactor

Advanced Hearing Protection for Music, Shooting, Sports,
and Industrial Work

Protect your hearing AND your enjoyment! XP Reactor by
AXIL gives your ears state-of-the-art protection without
muffling the sound, so you can safely enjoy music,
converse with others, and hear the sounds that matter.

Advanced filter technology reduces sound to safe levels while preserving
the distinct qualities of every musical note and spoken word.
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Safety First

XP Reactor offers you one of the most innovative sound filtering solutions yet. You’ll hear sound clearly and naturally — you’ll hardly feel your ears are plugged.

Then when loud sounds hit your ears, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will automatically screen out hazardous noises, to safely protect your hearing.

You’ll get 33 dB SNR against loud impulse sounds while still maintaining normal hearing. You’ll also have 5 dB SNR hearing protection against general sounds.

You can request additional filters for specific applications.

Your Listening Pleasure

Other hearing protection devices tend to muffle the sound, reducing your musical enjoyment and making conversation difficult.

AXIL XP Reactor is perfect when you want to hear normal sound while blocking out loud noises that can damage your hearing.

That makes them great for outdoor and indoor activities of all sorts, from hunting and stadium events to night clubs and concerts — not to mention working with heavy machinery.

A Choice of Sizes for Maximum Comfort

Choose your perfect fit from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-Large tips. (Your standard order comes with two sets of tips in Medium and Large – the most commonly requested).

Constructed from ultra-soft EVA material that’s medical grade and non-allergenic, these tips ensure you get a perfect fit.

What You Get

Your purchase includes:
Two large tips
Two medium tips
Neoprene carry case
Easy-start instruction manual
Lanyard (optional)
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